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Upon, deciding on an item to purchase,

1. leave us a comment under the post
2. include the item that you are interested in under "subject"
3. leave us your name and contact email address under "message"
4. we will get back to you with the payment details within 24 h.

for non-LJ users, your comment will not be visible thereafter.
(we have screened your email addresses to prevent unauthorised spamming.)


1. email us direct at, indicating the item you are interested in under "subject"
2. we will get back to you with the payment details within 24 h.


Once we have corresponded with you regarding the payment, you can pay through:

1. POSB/DBS funds transfer or ATM transfer
Transfer of funds is immediate and we are able to verify payment immediately.

2. UOB/OCBC funds transfer or ATM transfer
Please inform us should you be opting this means of transfer. We will get back to you with our UOB bank account number. 
(Interbank transfers will otherwise take 3 working days to complete)

3. Concealed cash through mail
Please inform us prior to sending concealed cash, so that we will be on the look-out for it.
The Papayamilkshop shall not be responsible for any lost cash along the way.

Please inform us after payment, and provide us with the transaction code and your mailind address.

Your item will be mailed out the next working day.

1) Postage prices will vary (depending on the weight). Normal charges will be $1.50 per item.
2) Registered mail is always encouraged (it only cost $2.24 more on top of normal postage).

1) We will not be held responsible for lost cash should you risk choosing to pay by concealed cash.
2) We will not be held responsible for lost/damaged mailed-out items should you not opt for registered mail.
3) We do not do reservations of items. First come, first serve.
4) Prices are hardly negotiable, unless we know you in person.
5) After receiving the item, the onus is on you to take good care of it, and we will not be held responsible if something happens to it.
6) We do not do refunds, returns, or exchanges, unless the item was grossly misinterpreted.

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